Love, Pain, and Malisons

The Priestwife is a black and white weird fantasy/horror comic about learning to live with impossible situations and reevaluating one's meaning to other people.

It tells the story of a man struggling with a terrible curse in a world riddled with such. Initiated as a Knight of the Bell—a requirement for his ritual wedding to one of the servants of the enigmatic Tower—this divine second chance sees him escorting his sacred spouse, the High Priest, as they pursue problems that only one of the Tower's beloved can solve. Whether he's the best choice for this task remains to be seen.

This comic is intended for mature readers due to subject matter, language, and imagery. Further information can be found on the content warning page.

The Priestwife is made entirely in Clip Studio Paint EX and its web presence runs off of Rarebit. It updates in batches on the third Thursday of every month.

The most recent update was six pages on May 16th, 2024.

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The Priestwife is part of Ghostring!