Content Warnings

Due to its subject matter and imagery, The Priestwife is intended only for mature readers. This comic is marked as 18+ on Neocities due to its dark and sometimes violent content. It is not intended to be a work of erotica; some content may be suggestive in nature but no full nudity or sexual acts will be depicted.

This story deals with chronic illness metaphors and the very messy emotions that revolve around living with such. The Priestwife's curse is not a direct representation of any particular condition (in no small part because it's supernatural), and is a significant part of his character and the plot as a whole. Grief, loss, and pain are also major story elements.

Other potentially troubling content includes:

As with most works of art, the actions of fictional people are not an endorsement of or excuse for said behavior in reality. The reader is trusted to use their best judgment and to put their personal wellness first.

This warning is not all-encompassing and may be updated as the story evolves.

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